Hi..Writing blog after a long break, was busy completing my first book. Now I am published author🤗 of bestseller book Journey from Middle-Class to Millionaire.

I write my blogs myself, like I am writing now 😊 with deep feelings to share something valuable with you. Because Writing, Learning and Training is my Passion.

What is Your Passion

This is so important to know, What your passion Is. Everybody is blessed with something unique, But The major problem is most of them never realise their Passion.

The Great Leaders and inspiration of Millions of people: Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Adison, Sachin Tendulkar,Lata Mangeshkar,Amitabh Bachchan.

They all lived or living their Passion. They evaluted themselves by their CREATION not by Money they earned.

I just completed reading a book by Simon Sinek:- START WITH WHY. It impacted me deeply to follow my PASSION.

How To Find Your Passion

  • What runs most of the time in your mind.
  • What you actually want to do, may not be able to do because of your circumstances.
  • Which kinds of books You search and read.
  • What you search in Google,Youtube most of the time.
  • Which kind of tasks, makes You feel relaxed.
  • The work which don’t make you feel boring and tired.

Write Your Answers down. Read it again and again. Think of it until you get your answer, these answer will define what You actually want to Be and Do.


Your Job is for what you are PAID, your passion is for what you are MADE.

Life is once. Create your craft and share it to this world. All the leaders who inspired the world, They lived their PASSION.

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Living is your Right!


How to earn Reputation, Keys to maintain reputation

The opinion that people in general have about someone or how much respect or admiration someone receives,based on past behaviour or character:

Every Human needs and loves Reputation and Respect like food. Whatever people do, Either to earn reputation or to maintain it.

As you have fuel tank meter in you car, which indicates how much fuel it has. The more fuel it has the more distance it can run. In the same way, All of us have our Reputation meter which indicates what way our life is moving.

Your actions+what people talk about you= Your Reputation

Your actions are controlled by you, whatever actions you take consistently, It build your image. People judge you by your actions.

When you have positive image among people, it raise your self-esteem. You become a high valued person.

Two types of Reputation:- FAKE AND REAL

                       FAKE IMAGE

  • If you just try to impress people by showing your FAKE image, which actually YOU AREN’T. This reputation won’t remain, You can’t hide your character longer.
  • If people show you, To believe on your FAKE IMAGE, Its never from inside. It means They need your favour of any nature may be Financial,Personal,Social.
  • Fake image is too bad for your life, As you become addicted to show others, WHAT YOU AREN’T. This would make mentally weak and dissatisfied.

 People respect you,when they themselves want. The keys to earn real reputation are:-

          How to earn Real Reputation

1.  BE TRUE TO YOUR WORDS:- Speak truth, Align your words and action. Think before you commit but do what you said. Learn to say NO what you won’t be able to do. Just to win a moment, Just to make feel someone happy don’t promise anything what you would not do. People respect those who do what they say.

2. BE PRESENTABLE:- Maintain your attire which suits to your personality, It may seems you not very important but actually it matters. 

Others would know about you later, first they make an impression by your looks. Smile, how you offer handshake, groomed hair, be fit, clean unwrinkled clothes. These things really matters.

Be careful, don’t be fake. Just to impress others don’t be duplicate. Not to falsify.

3. BE BUSY- CREATE SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE:- Live life with purpose. Engage yourself in some productive work. People talk about those, who have something to be talked. 

Find your specialities, Learn new skills, create your crafts. Don’t be a wandering generality who wander hither and thither without any reason.

4. VALUE OTHERS:- People value most to those who value them. Find something good in others and show your respect towards them. You will get same in response.

5. BE EXPERT OF YOUR FIELD:- Whatever you are doing, Master your skills. Update and upgrade your level of knowledge. People respect those who have something which can benefit them. 

If you want to earn more reputation, You have to serve more to many. Be available to help, particularily of and by  your profession.

6. LIVE WITH INTEGRITY:- Prefer integrity than income. Live with values.

Don’t sell others which you won’t buy. Don’t say about others which you won’t love to listen about you. Don’t do anything just for money, have character which make your image. 

Live original and with high values. I assure you, You won’t regret of doing it.


You are average of your closest five people with whom you spent most of your time. Or they have more impact/influence in your life.

We are human, only we can talk,share,express our feelings to others. Find new people of your interest and make them your friend. BE TRUE TO THEM.

This would add value to your life. Don’t live your whole life with same people, else you would also be same. The world is full of great humans. Follow great leaders on social media, I think this would the best use of social media for your life. 

8. HELP OTHERS AS MUCH YOU CAN:- Its hard to say, but true. People want to stay connected only with those, who help them by any means. 

Develop habbit of helping others often, mostly you will receive same in response. But Don’t have expectation and keep helping.

9. POWER OF WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS:- If anyone does something great and achieve something. Must congrats, not only by words but with feelings. 

Everybody love to be paid attention. Use social media,for which it is created. Try to talk in person, Write something special message. This has deep impact. Never feel jealous of anyone achievment but encourage,congrats and make him feel that you are always there to celebrate their moments.

10.  OWN YOUR CHARACTER:- Character means doing something because you feel to do, not by influence or motivation. Because motivation doesn’t lasts long but CHARACTER DOES.

Don’t run down others, stand with your thoughts. Don’t flatter, first impress yourself by your nature and action, the world soon start responding. 

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Living is your right! 

I am always RIGHT, others are WRONG….

If you really want to enjoy your life. You need some relations. To make and keep relations, you must be a person Who see things from others perspective too.

My way is HIGHWAY:-  This one thought process kills many close relations. Everybody thinks that my friends are only those who are my yes man.

 People take decisions as per their believes,experience,interest and needs. Every spirit is different and unique. 

Don’t try to make everyone like you, if you actually want to change others. Live ideal life, let them choose to be like you.

How people start feeling, I am always right:-  Few people surround themselves from those who become their yesman. Because of any hidden need of Respect, Love, Care, To get their work done, to take any advantage. 

Yeah people agree or disagree with you by their own choice or need. But when someone reach in a position where people don’t show their disagreement by words. Then an attitude of I AM ALWAYS RIGHT DEVELOP.

You must be a person who take right decisions or make decisions right. But you can’t insist anyone to follow your decision and if you do, soon your closed one’s would start moving away from you.

             Accept Disagreements Happily

People start shouting and fighting as anyone shows his/her disagreement on any matter. Whenever You do it, you make yourself less impactful in the eyes of others. 

Always remember, Accepting your opinions by others is their own choice. PEOPLE LIKE SIMILARITY,BUT LEARN FROM DIFFERENCES.

Normal talks convert into Arguments, just because of people take disagreements PERSONALLY.

If someone is refusing to accept your any idea, It doesn’t means that he is rejecting you. Accept it happily and ask for reasons of disagreements, you may learn something new. 


Since childhood,We develop a belief system. Having seen society and surrounding. We start thinking that IF I AM RIGHT, IT MEANS SOMEONE IS WRONG.

This become root cause of Backbiting, Badmouthing. People even don’t agree with someone where they feel to be agree, If I would say He is right, I would be proved wrong.

Right decision for A FISH is to live into WATER, but its wrong for A CAT. Someone 6 may looks 9 to you. The day you would start understanding people, soon you would start getting same response.

You like Red, If someone likes Blue. Accept others choice and make life amazing. People like those who respects others choices too.

             Don’t stand with Your FAULTS

If you commited any mistake, don’t take load. Those who try to prove them A PERSON WHO NEVER MADE MISTAKE. They are liars. 

Nobody is PERFECT. So whenever You did anything wrong, Admit it as soon as possible and commit to not repeat it again.

Please don’t take it personal, don’t hate yourself for any past incident. NEVER NEVER NEVER STAND WITH YOUR FAULTS, THIS WOULD SABOTAGE YOUR INNER POWER.

Its a blunder to support anything, when you know that Its not right. Accepting own mistakes needs courage. Don’t attach your emotions with bad experience, learn from it and move forward. 

     Don’t make fun of others MISTAKES

To err is natural and normal. Specially if you are reacting to anyone who trust,respect and love you more. Never say anything too bad and make fun.

I have seen many parents saying their kids, You can’t do anything right. These words would become their lifetime believe. BOTH BELIEVE ARE NOT GOOD FOR LIFE, I AM ALWAYS RIGHT, I CAN’T BE RIGHT.

Try to find your loved ones doing something right in place of searching for their mistakes. If anyone commit any mistake, make him/her understand about and talk for solutions.

     Don’t take every opinion seriously

Live your life with clarity. Be ready to learn from anyone if you find something valuable, But don’t take EVERY opinion seriously. Observe it deeply, there are only few people who would tell your faults to correct you, others may try to show you low.

Someone opinion need not to define your destiny. Watch people judgements towards you. Accept every disagreement but it doesn’t means that you change your thoughts everyday.

You must have sense to decide what is RIGHT OR WRONG for you. You need not to prove anyone wrong or right, Live your life with clarity and integrity.

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Living is your right! 

FOMO:- Fear Of Missing Out

Case1:- Enjoying music with a cup of coffee, feeling relaxed at home,taking pleasure of personal time.Enjoyed until😌

 Just received a Whatsapp message.. A picture of friends enjoying at their vacation tour, having seen them Started feeling BAD.

Ohh my friends are really enjoying their life at best and HOW BORING LIFE IS MINE…. All pleasure gone in a moment not because of something bad happen with us But someone else is enjoying more.

Case2:- You were invited in a party. Couldn’t join because of any other important work. As you are doing your work, just seen facebook update of your friends who are making fun at party and enjoying.

Now You are feeling irritated and frustated. Not able to finish your important task.

These above cases are symptom of FOMO. fear of missing out.

Others driving our life:-  When others life matters most and you start evaluating yourself through others life happening. It become cause of stress which is like slow poison to your life. 

People who are victim of FOMO, develop a mentality like:- 

I WAS WRONG:-  They mostly not trust on their own decision. Always feel inferior than someone. Feel dissatisfied by all action they would take. Every single opinion matters to them and it change mood and thought process of them’s. If you want to value every opinion, Sorry but you won’t be able to live well.

THEY ARE ENJOYING WITHOUT ME:-  How others don’t respect,love,care me. People must value me. They even fight others to respect and value them. (Respect cannot be demanded).  HOW CAN OTHERS ENJOY THEMSELVES WITHOUT ME.

Its completely form of jealousy with others, and If others don’t call and invite them often. Such people start feeling that people don’t invite them because they are not rich and unimportant. Start feeling low and dejected.

FOMO IS INJURIOUS TO YOUR LIFE:-  You start DOUBTING on your every ACTION. You won’t be able to enjoy your present moments. Keep thinking in past. Would Curse yourself and feel low Self-esteem.


  • Accept life with ups and downs: and enjoy every phase. Every life has its own challenges, to live happily just enjoy every moment. Happiness is a choice, choose it now. Welcome every phase of life, learn from it and move forward.
  • You can’t do everything:  search your passion and live it. Don’t try to do everything just to copy others. Don’t waste your valuable moments by thinking,  Others would have been enjoying without you. 
  • Social media posts: Nobody posts any darker side in social media, it doesn’t means that they don’t have any bad patch in their life. Don’t compare your life with anyone, You are unique search your power.
  • Don’t live fictional life:  Live your real life. Don’t try to impress others by showing your fake life. Be yourself. 

Don’t ask yourself what world needs from you, Ask to do what makes you alive. 

Thanks for reading, LIVING IS YOUR RIGHT!

Don’t LIVE, SAME life

We have a wonderful life to explore the world. Being human is a benediction of god. Nothing is more important than living your life.

Most of the people live as they are inanimate. WE ARE HUMAN,NOT THINGS. One life is not enough to explore the world.  Sometimes people become joker of a circus. They do what their master tells.

BE MASTER of your life. You are in-charge here. Its your right to live,explore,have fun, try something new.

Life is always ON THE WAY. Live In Full Enjoyment.

PEOPLE DIE AT 25, BURIED AT 75. The difference among mediocre and meteoric is novelty. You have to do,feel,search, learn,NEW IN YOU AND OF THIS UNIVERSE.

Intial seven years of your life matters most, whatever values and belief system your sub-conscious mind receive and believe, it becomes your way of living. Its hard to unlearn the belief what you develop in first seven years. YOU ARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE. These are called ‘Sanskar’ in India. Try to transfer Sanskar in your kids, to raise them to live with high values.

People’s opinion is not your destiny:  Mostly people judge us by their own perspective, normally its their opinion but if you accept it as your reality. It become your reality only if you accept.

Things happen with you, as you believe. Words of your parents, relatives, friends, spouse defines you. 

18-40-60 Rule: There is rule in our society. We think more about what people think of us till Eighteen years of age, 

In your Fourties you start thinking:- Let people think what they want but I would not care it. 

You realise it in yours sixties that Nobody was thinking anything about you. People are engaged in their own life. You don’t have time to live others life, live your OWN.

Be NEW everyday:-  Unit of life is days, you would become next year what you become today. Daily learn,read,watch something new. Make new friends, spend time with those who add value to your life. 

Why not to live same life everyday:-  You yourself feel trapped in a circle if don’t have any novelty in your life. If you aren’t living the way you want, time to change. DON’T BE A TABLE,WHICH CAN’T MOVE ITSELF.

When you learn something new and complete any task, Brain release dopamine. Dopamine makes you feel good and active. Your every single action will be full of enthusiasm. You won’t need approval of others.

Your family life,social life will be full of ecstasy. So make a list of things which you wanted to do for many years..

  • To start gyming
  • Swimming
  • Visiting any of your favourite place
  • Reading any book
  • Attending Seminars, self-development training
  • Yoga,Meditation
  • Gardening, cooking
  • Spending time with your role-model 
  • Any spiritual activity
  • Family vacation 
  • Creating your craft

You have to find what you exactly want to do, for Me its Blogging😊 I am doing it. You would find me anywhere in Self-development, learning, training, writing, creating humours, playing with kids, long drive with family.

Just promise yourself, You would try something new which add value to your life EVERYDAY. every single moment is precious, the moment you are reading this blog Yes you are adding something new and exciting. 


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Oodles of love..thanks for reading.

Living is your right!

Haters, I Love You

Having Anger Towards Everyone who Reach Success. 

IF you are enjoying life, It may be reason for others to hate.

If you are transforming life and growing, It may be reason for others to hate.

If you are.. Earning more money, having happy relationship, looking smart, living dream life, didn’t respond any call due to your busy schedule. This may create more hater in todays world.

People can hate you for any reason. But Mostly It starts from success, SUCCESS and HATERS go hand in hand.

Why people hate: It starts from jealousy, raise towards hate. If someone hate others, it shows low self-esteem of him/her. They talk bad about others.

They always compare themselves with others and they want to bring you down to justify their mediocre and failed life. Internally they feel that they are not talented enough this makes them feel inferior and they start degrading others.

Success is a matter of luck, ask any failure. Haters mostly talk about other people not their own life.

Haters gossip with friends and mostly backbite others. They waste their time and energy thinking about others life and don’t take any step forward to change their life. They resist change and they would never amount to anything.

Whether they talk negative and feel jealous to you, but actually they wanna to live like you. HATERS HATE TO THOSE, WHO ARE LIVING THEIR DREAM LIFE. They believe that they are weak and incapable to become something, they don’t express it by words.

HATERS don’t invest to improve themselves, they waste their hours,days,months,years and sometimes WHOLE LIFE hating others. It make them dissatisfied from their life. 

How to respond your haters:  Don’t react them, only respond. Reaction gives them power that  if they would talk bad about you, it disturbs you. 

Never react, ONLY RESPOND. I also faced some haters in my life, I reacted them and wasted my few years hating them. Then I realised my faults and promised myself that now I won’t hate them. This change came in me, as I read The Ramayana. Deeply observed its message and found myself wrong. Now my way of responding my haters is:- 

Haters, I LOVE YOU:- First admit one things, Haters gonna hate. Don’t try to fight every hater else you would divert from your purpose. 

  • When Haters hate you, Love them.
  • When Haters try to discourage you, inspire them.
  • When they feel jealous, Praise them.

Use their hate as Motivation to your big success. If anyone makes fun of you, prove them wrong by deeds and achievment.

Raise your standard everyday, work on yourself. Rise like a phoenix. Hating others is nature of weak people, successful leaders love to live happy life and happiness need purposeful life. Be busy creating your crafts. Don’t waste your golden time thinking bad about anyone. It pays nothing.

You can share only what you have. If you have love inside you will share it to others, if you have hate inside you will share the same.

Lets think positive and productive in any situation. Complete your task. Live with integrity and compassion.

Thanks for reading😊

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Living is your right!

Reclaim Your Brain From Your Mobile

How many hours do you use your phone?

How many hours YOUR PHONE USE YOU ?

Smartphone is very useful device, it helps us in many ways. It made our life fast and convenient. Many useful mobile applications in every part of life whether its banking, travelling, social connections. 

Time to Rethink our relationship with smartphone:  Inspite of all its uses, we have to rethink, as it becomes an addiction. 

Smartphone addiction making our brain trapped. According to survey, people check their mobile 110 times a day or more, this status growing like wild fire.

In the decades of 1990s, It was unsocial behaviour to use your phone if you are sitting with and talking to someone. 

Phubbing:  “The act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention.” 

now a days its common. We go to dinner with family and keep checking social feeds, approx sixty percent people hardly talks and make fun with family.

Parents are busy in phone while kids are observing their parents behaviour and soon they would do same like them or more engaged with mobile.

Start of the day:  As we wake up, check dozens of notifications of facebook, whatsapp, Email and many others. An hour later after waking up still in bed sitting in an uncomfortable and awkward pose. 

Teeth not brushed, chhating someone who is far away from us but no time to talk to family spouse and kids.

People are getting addicted this much to their mobile. Now if they talk in person have less to share than through mobile. Our brain feel trapped and we live in fiction world this is the phase when I say your mobile use you not you use it.

Why it become tough to stay away from your mobile:  Research found, seeing yourself in social media activate same part of our brain that is related to pleasure, we feel same pleasure as through earning money, eating food, having sex.

See me,hear me: When you see yourself liked and watched by others, it release dopamine, it makes you feel like you are achieving something or enjoying a moment.

You are more addicted to your device more than you think. Usually we ignore but its more dangerous than we think.

Negative emotions:  Negative emotions like being bored, feeling dissatisfied, loneliness, These are the triggers to search for something by which you feel good. You keep checking your notifications and feel pleasure.

Our future will be more hectic and less relaxed. Technically we are becoming more capable but mentally too weak. If you are addicted now then soon AI artificial intelligence going to take place.

No,No,No I am not saying that you leave to use mobile. We can’t imagine it now. It has become need of daily life. But we have to be alert that we use it when we need. I am writing this blog and you are reading through mobile😊. Time to think about how we can use it properly. 

There are many productive use of it like watching inspiring vedios, reading blogs of your interest, being updated, mobile is part and parcel of life. But excess of everything is bad.

How to reclaim your brain and live as human: 

  1. Don’t check your phone immediate after you wake up : First hour after you wake up, don’t check your phone. Spent this time meditating, reading, talking your loved ones, worship. This all makes your brain healthy.visit my blog if you hadn’t on how to use this golden hour,
  2. Set your priorties: If you have your list of priority works of the day. You would be busy enough and won’t spent much time on your phone.
  3. Schedule your time: Checking social feeds is essential specially to be updated and get informed and connection with your friends. So make a schedule to check your social feeds status updates. Like you can do it 3-4 times a day and every time set a time. You commit yourself to check it max 10 minutes each time. Then it will take max half an hour of a day and not whole day would be distracted.
  4. Don’t evaluate yourself by likes or dislikes of others: People respond according to their mindset,interest,need and priorities. Don’t major yourself in every task. You need approval of others. Live the way you want. It will make you more strong and satisfied.  

    Mobile or any other device is worth until it become addiction. 

    Living is your right! 

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    7 Ways To Live With High Self-Esteem

    Self-esteem means confidence and satisfaction in oneself. What you feel about yourself, it defines you are a High self-esteem person or of a Low self-esteem.

    Having low self-esteem is a barrier to happy and satisfied life. Feeling inferior, feeling depressed, less or no decision taking ability, always need approval of others, mostly thinking I can’t. These all are the symptoms of having a low self-image.

    Success and self esteem Success in personal and professional life depends on your behaviour and behaviour reflects what going on inside. You are what you were told to be since childhood.

    Do check your inner conversation what you think about you, people mostly compare with others and feel either jealous or delighted depending on others situation. This is what mostly learn from their surrounding.

    Seven ways to live with high self-esteem:

    1.Be in-charge of your life: When you don’t live in self-control. When anyone drives you according to his or her will, its really makes you feel desperate. Whether you are rich but if not living in self-control, its makes you feel unvaluable, unloved. Human love to control not to be controlled.

    Decide your purpose of life, make your plan and follow your own dream. Work on your abilities. When you achieve small things of your own, you feel important. Think about your taste, interest, likes,plans and demand from yourself to achieve it.

    2. Don’t compare yourself with others: You can’t compare your phase A with someone’s phase Z. You are unique creation of God, think about you, you are different.

    Mostly people deeply observe what they don’t have and more painful is what other’s have. You can control you and your life not others.

    Self-esteem rise when you feel good about you. There are many who don’t have personality, skills, blessings what you have. Live your life not others.

    Learn new skills every year, meet new people, read inspiring books and blogs. This all would make you feel loved and blessed.

    3. Turn up the volume on positive thoughts: Write down things you admire most in you and read it daily.

    Turn your volume up while reading your qualities, when you would repeat it on and on,you will start feeling powerful inside. Learn something positive and productive daily.

    If you don’t value yourself, don’t expect it from others. Self-esteem is only in your control, let not others tell you who you are.

    Whenever you feel negative, because you would feel. As We are born in a negative world, people mostly focus what Negative you have rather positive.

    Don’t get married to any negative feedback and commit yourself to grow and develop yourself not to prove anyone wrong but to raise your self-esteem and live an ideal life.

    4. Spend time with people who help you to feel good about yourself: Your peer group matters the most, if you are surrounded by people who think and talk negative about you. Soon you would start feeling unloved, unvaluable, awkward.

    Lie down with dogs and you come up with fleas. When you spend time with high values and goal oriented people it makes an impact on you.

    Start spending time with those who are ambitious, dreamer, optimistic. Most important who are GOAL ORIENTED, Who inspire others take part in seminars, make new friends.

    Tell others what you like about them, tell them what actually you like most in them. Everybody has something special want to be praised, when you do it in response they would admire you.

    5. Feel gratitude: Feel gratitude for the things you have, you have a great family,your spouse and kids,healthy body, see and feel this beautiful world, most important you are human. You can do any miracle what anyone has done.

    Feel gratitude for the things you have, soon you would start getting what you desire. You feel highest form of energy inside when you feel gratitude.

    When somebody admire you, help you whether its a small task, see deep into eyes and say thank you with pure energy. These feelings will make you a person of high values.

    6. Achieve something: Just think about a moment when you did something, completed any important task, won a prize. You would have felt amazing.

    Life need momentum, when you are engaged and see yourself in active mode. It release Dopamine, you start feeling I CAN DO IT, I CAN MOVE AHEAD IN MY JOB AND RELATIONSHIP.

    Take a small target, write your tasks list down of small-small targets. I do make my list like,Exercise for five minutes, Meditate for ten minutes, Read a book in this weekend, Write a blog this week 😊 Yes I am doing it now.

    7. Build your character: Character is not like weather which change all the time, its like climate which mostly not change.

    Live with integrity, more important than your income. Be true to your words, when you tell truth, you will start feeling pride on yourself. You won’t need approval of others to live life the way you want.

    Real Achievement is not what you earn, but THE PERSON YOU BECOME.

    Live life with pride. Living is your right!

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    Control those five minutes, avoid regret

    Those Five Minutes Matters: 

    Difference between happy and painful life is those five minutes. I am talking about those five minutes where people lose their self control.

    Imagine you are driving a car and just for five minutes your car’s brake stop working. Outcome can be horrible even death is possible. In the same way, I am sharing few moments of life where you DO,SAY,ACT too bad (without brake). 

    You can win the game or loss in those five minutes or fraction of seconds. ( I am using term five minutes because mostly people use this like Just five minutes😊) 

    Those five minute moments to control: 

      1.When you wake up.. Start of the day matters most but Do you wake up when your alarm clock buzz at your set time like 4.30 am, 5.00 am or any time what you set. Mostly everybody knows the advantage of early wake ups. Its easy to do it for first one or two days because of excitement and motivation after that a big challenge rise.

     As its time to wake up a very strong excuse stand against your commitment “Lets sleep for more 5 minutes.” Mattress win over motivation.  That five minutes lasts in next one or two hours. Then as you get up late start regreting ohh I missed today but tomorrow I will. That tomorrow often not comes.

    2.When you procrastinate..  I believe that procrastination is like a disease which is harmful for anyone dreams,life,health,wealth and happiness. It becomes a habbit without any reason. People even procrastinate to take bath, take lunch, paying any bill on time and it happen with important and urgent tasks for their life. MOSTLY EVERYBODY KNOWS IT.

     The biggest challenge is again “Those Five Minutes.” Procrastination is the thief of dreams. People make their own schedule of performing any task but don’t follow it. 

    Time to work but Okay just rest for more five minutes, Time to read but okay just check facebook whatsapp for more five minutes, Time to exercise but okay just sleep for more five minutes. Tragedy is of these five minutes never complete in five minutes.

    3. When you become angry..  The moment you become angry. Your thinking brain Neocortex shuts down. You stop thinking. All you have left then is your Paleocortex, your emotional brain which think in terms of fight or flight as you are angry.

    You know one thing, “Its matter of only Those five minutes.” If in that moment you leave that place and calm down,relax think for sometime. Situation change and you would think differently. 

    People talk rudely, hurt self and others, talk nonsense, fight. I have seen many people who are very sensible until they are angry. Sometimes it takes years to recover a mistake done in anger. Loosing temper often decrease your value and you start feeling low self-esteem. 

     If they had waited for five minutes to react they wouln’t have commited those mistakes. Husband hurts to wife, parents hurt their kids, many relationships break because of a five minutes reaction in anger. 

    4. When you shop..  You should shop things which you need, You must not shop those things which don’t need.

    But now a days because of shopping zones, markets are full of attractions. Normally people buy things which actually they don’t need. Spending makes you happy. Due to this most people are planning to work into their seventies because they don’t have enough money put aside so they can stop working.

    Again the reason is “Those five minutes” when you feel attracted towards offers which actually you don’t need. I have seen people who go to market to take medicines but also purchase cosmetics and accessories. Its because of conditioned response. Its like temptations of shopping. Then heavy credit card loans instalments become cause of stress so avoid those five minutes and think before shopping anything, do I actually need it.

    5. When you promise..  When you feel motivated and happy by anyones behaviour. Brain release Endorphins this is called nature’s happy drug. In that moment people often promise anything to anyone. 

    Then they feel guilt as couldn’t keep their words. Again the reason is “Those five minutes” full of excitement and emotions. So think twice before promising anything. And always try to become true to your words which will raise your self-esteem.

    How to control those five minutes:  

    Self-control and Self-discipline are the key in it. Bad habbits are easy to form but hard to live with, good habbits are tough to form but easy to live with. 

    Forming new habbit is a challenge to you. If you really want to change you have to built your character.  Character is your orginality what actually you are. Its not a role but responsibility. Character is doing something after that moment of excitement gone.

    Commit yourself to avoid those five minutes idleness. 

    Self-talk:  Stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself. Promise yourself. Repeat often I can do it, I will do it. If you win those five minutes, you will win the game. Will achieve what you want. 

    Once I met the legend Brian tracy in delhi, I asked him what to do avoid procrastination, He told me that Self talk would play major role. Whenever you feel to procrastinate say loudly Do it now, Do it now. Trust me This works I personally have been using it and most of the successful leaders do.

    Read something positive daily as you are reading this blog, read books, watch something productive daily like Ted talks or any of your favourite.

    Surround yourself with people who are already doing what you want to do. Your Peer group plays vital role in your life.

    Think twice before saying anything to anyone. People know you by your behaviour not what you feel. Don’t live anyone’s life, Be yourself.

    Living is your right! 

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    Lets make this world more inspiring👏✌

    Do You Still Remember, Your New Year Resolution ?

    Hello dear reader😊,

    Do you remember the day, 1st of Jan 2017. The day when you were comitted and inspired to make some change in your life (of course positive change).

    You thought on that day, okay 2016 gone but in this year 2017, I would not repeat my old mistakes and will achieve something. 

    You were inspired, you worshiped GOD, woke up early. YOU TOOK SOME RESOLUTIONS like..

    • To loose weight
    • To earn more money
    • To wake up early
    • To start yoga/meditation
    • To learn new skills
    • To eat healthier
    • Don’t offend people
    • No more cursing
    • No more energy drinks/alchohal
    • No backbiting
    • No more bad puns
    • To spend more personal time

    Ohh its a big list of resolutions what people take on 1st day of any year. With a feeling inside, Yes this year would be life changing.

    Now its first week of August-2017. Seven months passed, Do You Still Remember??

    Where are you on that journey to change your life?  

    I have been working with people for seventeen years. Have been training, consulting people on self-development, goal setting and how to build or change any habbit. I also took many resolutions sometimes succeed,many times failed.

    Mostly people talk about new year resolutions only till 15th of Jan. More than seventy percent people forget about their resolution in first two weeks.

    Why people forget their resolutions  

        There are many reasons why people don’t follow their resolutions. Why to say others think about yourself, you have been commiting yourself for many years. Last year 2016, year before last year 2015, what were your commitments with yourself. And now this year has only five months left, what about your Personal,Professional, Social,Spiritual GOALS.



    Character is the ability to carry out a resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed”

    Excitement has its expiry soon, but Character has power to change. If you are really inspired enough to take action then character will help to remain in same mindset. People who take resolutions in excitement, they mostly plunge into..

      Lack of sincerity:- They just wish to get something. They talk more about but internally such people accept from the first day that nothing is going to happen. Just to impress someone they buy running shoes to run in the morning, but don’t run. Take membership of gym but don’t exercise consistently. Approx seventy percent people are in this category. People start in excitement, but reward is not in starting but how well you finish. As Aristotle said “We are what we repeatedly do,excellence then is not an act but a habbit.”

    Take many resolutions:- Because of heavy expectation and excitement they take many resolutions. Then follow it for first two-three days, after that start failing because of lack of time or any other issue. Then they agree their mind that this is not right time,will do it later. “If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.” Russian Proverb

    Start talking more about their resolutions:- Some people tell everyone whom they know about their new resolutions. People start praising their decision, when you start receiving praise for any task your brain doesn’t understand the task is done or not. It makes you feel happy like you have hit a perfect shot. Then you feel internally happy  like you have achieved. And forget to do something towards accomplishment.

    Its hard to say but with love and respect, I would say mostly people make fool to themselves.

    They get trapped in “Someday Isle“.. SOMEDAY I will do all those things that I know I need to do to achieve all my goals SOMEDAY.

    There is Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday BUT NO SOMEDAY.

    So please commit to yourself.. for your life, for your dreams, for all the achievments you want. Don’t wait for someday. Because of this you have lost another seven months of a year.

    After reading my words, there will be two thought in you mind. First, okay so soon 2018 is going to start Now this year I won’t commit such mistakes. I would make another NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS 2018. hahaha

    But I suggest, Why to think about New year resolutions. Why not to think NEW LIFE RESOLUTIONS. Your life is important dear friend Its passing every second. Think about a person who is on deathbed of any hospital, he would be thinking that If I had another year or a day of life, I would have done that task. 

    You are blessed that you have this day and reading something productive for you life.I hope these words with my feeling would help you to change something.

    Please don’t decide many resolutions. Focus on the most important one or two and start taking small actions towards it, from NOW.

    I also took some resolutions this year, one of them is blogging. I am doing it, It provide me satisfaction that I am sharing something important with you. Indians believe in “vasudhaiv kutumbkam” its a Sanskrit phrase means the world is a family. I am sharing what I know with my family. You are part of my family.

    Living is your right!

    Takeaway:-  Commit yourself to take action. Revise your Resolutions. Everyday is important. Start from NOW.


    Share your Comment, what action you are going to take NOW. which thought you liked most.

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    Thanks for reading🙏